Nehemiah Action

2,000 people strong, we will put our research and our "asks" before our public officials, and do justice powerfully around Gun Violence, Affordable Housing, and Healthy Homes.

The Nehemiah Action will be Tuesday, April 5, at 6:30 pm @ the Richmond Convention Center.

This is the event at which 2,000 justice-seekers will gather as one, to hold our public officials accountable to solving some very serious problems.

As of today, we have the following public officials committed to attend –

Richmond Councilperson Stephanie Lynch

Richmond Councilperson Reva Trammell

and Chesterfield Supervisor Jim Holland




RISC is paying for the parking of our attendees in the parking deck connected to the Convention Center. You enter this parking deck from 3rd Street! When you enter, say that you are there for the RISC event.

In the event that the parking deck is full, we are also purchasing parking spots in the parking garage on 5thStreet, just west of the Convention Center. Please feel free, if you arrive and the 3rd Street parking deck is full, to go over to the 5th Street Garage and let them know you are there for the RISC event (and you will likewise not need to pay).


Everyone who enters the Action will need to submit a ticket (tickets don’t cost, they are just our way of knowing who was in attendance / from where!). If you arrive at the Convention Center without a ticket (either you got forgot yours at home, or you never got one) – do not worry! There will be plenty of blank tickets you can fill out on site.

COVID Precautions

We are asking that all attendees be vaccinated, and that all attendees wear masks. Furthermore, we will have a very socially distanced seating configuration.

The Nehemiah Action will be held in Exhibit Hall A at the Convention Center

April 05, 2022 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Emily Small ·