Our annual Investment Drive is an important part of what we do. If we want to grow in our ability to change the way systems operate in Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield, then we have to "own" this power we are building! 

We ask all of our members to seriously consider an investment of $200 or more in justice ministry. Some of us can do more, and some of us may not be able to invest the full $200. The important thing is to invest something.

Investments can be made in one lump sum, or can be broken down into installments. We also encourage our members to become monthly partners with RISC - and set up automatic monthly payments.

If you are a monthly partner - access your "Monthly Investor Portal" here!

Besides investing online (see below), members can also invest through their online banking.

Also - there is the US Postal Service! We encourage members to also mail in investments to the RISC office -


PO Box 4931

Richmond, VA 23220



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