Gun Violence

In 2019, there were 60 murders by gun in the city of Richmond. In 2013, the number was 32 – which means that the number of lives we’re losing yearly has nearly doubled.

60 lives lost is a tragedy, and this violence must stop! The Gun Violence Committee has found a proven intervention program out of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, called Group Violence Intervention (GVI).

GVI has been implemented in numerous cities nationwide; in its best cases, where the implementation was performed with fidelity, GVI has reduced homicides by as much as 60%!

This year, we are asking our city leaders to take the first step toward getting GVI here in Richmond.

There are many studies documenting the effectiveness of GVI; click below to read - 

New Haven, CT

Oakland, CA

Boston, MA

Focused Deterrence Programs

On Thursday, May 14 - here at RISC we had the great honor of hosting Louisa Aviles from the National Network for Safe Community (out of John Jay College) via Zoom, for our Gun Violence Committee meeting. 

Click here to view the Zoom recording of that evening!