Gun Violence


There were 60 lives lost to gun violence in 2019; 65 people were gunned down in our streets in 2020.  This is double what it was in 2013 (32). There have been over 20 children who have been killed since January of 2017.

In short - Richmond is in crisis when it comes to gun violence.


Implement a proven, evidence-based program to address this problem.

In our research, we found what we believed to be the best of these – a program called Group Violence Intervention (GVI). Developed by the National Network for Safe Communities out of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, GVI has proven to cut homicides in half, in the dozens of cities it is in.

We brought this solution to Mayor Stoney four times between June and September, asking him to move forward with it or choose another proven, evidence-based program. Ultimately, he reported to us on September 30th that the city is designing its own “hybrid” gun violence intervention program.

We want to ensure that what the city puts together works. At the Nehemiah Action, we’ll be asking Mayor Stoney to move forward with what experts tell us is the first step in designing any evidence-based program – a “problem analysis.”  

There are many studies documenting the effectiveness of GVI; click below to read - 

New Haven, CT

Oakland, CA

Focused Deterrence Programs