Wave of violence continues in Richmond with 22 people slain in the past two months

Click here to read this Richmond Times-Dispatch article covering the spiking gun violence in the city and, among other things, our RISC proposal to the city.

Community members question mayor's plan to combat gun violence in Richmond

Click here to view the CBS 6 story on our continuing efforts to get the city of Richmond to adopt to a proven, evidence-based solution to the terrible problem of gun violence.

Church leaders want Richmond to adopt new strategy to curb gun violence

Click here to view the CBS 6 story on our efforts around gun violence and affordable housing, in preparation for our Zoom Action on Monday August 31.


Read here the RISC press release June 20, 2020, covering an agreement reached with Mayor Stoney to set aside $6 million of the city's $20 million CARES Act allocation, for emergency rental assistance.

RISC Statement on Recent Killings and Subsequent Protests

The killing of George Floyd by those sworn to serve and protect him causes righteous outrage among the members of the twenty-two congregations of RISC – Richmonders Involved to Strengthen Our Communities. This homicide – which took place on the heels of the murders of two other African-Americans (and countless others before that) – causes us to reflect upon our mission as a justice-seeking organization within the Richmond metropolitan area.

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